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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching with Rich Potential is a customized process of leader development that occurs within a professional relationship between a coach and a client. Through a collaborative, data-driven process within a relationship of mutual respect and trust, the coach and client work in partnership to enhance the client’s ability to achieve meaningful goals and to expand professional and organizational potential.

Dr. Rich has the experience and skills to manage the complexities of working within systems with multiple stakeholders. She provides assessments and executive coaching services to professionals and leaders across a wide range of industries and levels of an organization ranging from first-time managers to CEOs, professionals including physicians and attorneys, start-ups, family businesses, entrepreneurs, and teams. Regardless of the industry, confident and capable leadership is essential to reaching an organization’s potential.

Rich Potential’s coaching and leadership development process is informed by scientific research on human cognition, behavior, and motivation and is tailored to address each client’s unique circumstances. While coaching includes important creative and imaginative elements, research-based assessment instruments and change strategies are also employed. Martha Anne is adept at establishing trusting and collaborative relationships, the foundation for successful executive coaching.

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